Take back your day

Farming is a way of life. We love and admire farmers but we know that the job is unrelenting. Use Halter to take back your day and reduce the time you spend on critical farm tasks throughout the day.

Automatically move the herd from the paddock to the shed. Set schedules and routines for your farm. Set up a break fence in seconds. Draft a lame cow without even leaving the house.

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Increase Milk Production

As a farmer your profitability is constrained by your people. Currently there are unavoidable inefficiencies in pasture management that are costing your bottom line. The small things add up.

Halter maximises milk production by using technology to allow pasture management techniques that have never before been possible. And, by tracking the intake of each cow we can ensure the entire herd receives the optimal amount of feed.


Look after our land


Whether it be low lying wetlands in the middle of winter or drains that only have water in them half the year, we help you look after the environment. Halter will ensure your herd is kept out of waterways and track where cows have been to ensure full traceability. We love the world we live in. So just like you, we are committed to leaving the land in a better condition than we found it. 


Care for your cows

We know that happy, healthy farmers are the owners of happy, healthy cows. Halter is a proactive way to manage the health and well-being of your herd. 

Halter will alert you if a cow is lame, calving or on heat so that you can take the appropriate action. Be on the front-foot, looking after your most important asset and preventing hefty vet bills.